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February Issue

          Welcome to our Networked Mobilities Lab newsletter. The Networked Mobilities Lab is housed at NC State Department of Communication, and co-directed by Drs. Adriana de Souza e Silva and Ragan Glover-Rikse (Methodist University, and CRDM alum). The lab promotes interdisciplinary and inter-institutional research on mobilities enabled by mobile and networked technologies. We are proud to be a connection hub for internationally recognized scholars of mobilities and mobile communication and graduate and undergraduate students interested in these topics.

          Our monthly newsletter will promote our current and upcoming projects, as well as spotlighting students and faculty for their exemplary work. For this month of February, we are announcing our 2023 Spring Lecture Series with Dr. Eric Gordon, from Emerson College in Boston. This will be our first in person even since 2019, and it will be part of the CRDM symposium and recruitment event next month. We are also highlighting the Mobile Networked Creativities project, which is a crowdsourcing website where we are collecting examples of creative appropriations of technologies by marginalized communities and people without "proper" access to networked technologies. Finally, we spotlight Khawar Khan, a CRDM students who, due to his background in HI and UX Design has been instrumental in the development of many of our projects, including the MC project and a pandemic location-based game