Video Series

Professors from around the world answer this one question: what is a mobile game? See how these professors approach this question with their own knowledge and expertise.


Jordan Frith

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Clemson University professor Jordan Frith elaborates the difference between passive and active mobile games and explains why mobile game studies are so relevant today.


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Davide Spallazzo

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Davide Spallazzo at Polytechnic University of Milan shares his take on mobile games as opportunities to connect with the world around us as well as other people. 


Ilaria Mariani

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Ilaria Mariani at Polytechnic University of Milan shares her thoughts on how mobile games combine virtual and actual reality. 


Alex Custodio

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PhD student at Concordia University Alex Custodio shares how mobile games are capable of seamless transfer between playing a game and everyday activities. 


Shira Chess

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University of Georgia professor Shira Chess shares her thoughts on how the invention of mobile games represents the point where we stop being held by old-school constraints. 

Nick Taylor

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Associate professor at North Carolina State University, Nick Taylor shares his thoughts on how games are technocultural platforms for connectivity that play a big role in culture and cultural inequalities.